TinyOgg finally comes to an end

About eighteen months ago, I announced the release of TinyOgg as a GNU Generation project to scratch a personal itch: not having Adobe Flash and not wanting to recommend it when I share online videos.

Back then, the de-facto way of watching videos on the Web was using Adobe Flash which was annoying to me as a user of a fully free operating system and as a huge fan of free formats.

TinyOgg received overwhelming support from free software supporters all around the world and I was honored when the Free Software Foundation wrote a blog post about it which was followed by several reports from free software and GNU/Linux news sites.

But now, it seems that what we are doing is obsolete. In May 2010, Google set free the WebM format which was quickly adopted by major web browsers in addition to the largest online video provider, YouTube. 99% of what people watch on YouTube is now available in WebM and thus playable without Flash or any other unfree technologies. (Well, in addition to the fact that I have not posted any entry in many months, which meant that there was no itch anymore!)

Now is the time to move on to other projects (or to college life, who knows? :)). By July 15th, TinyOgg entries URLs will be automatically redirected to the original video page and I will run the service for at least eighteen months more.

Thank you for everyone that contributed to the project, to those who offered patches (especially mtjm and leorockway), blog posts and encouragement!

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29 تعليقات to “TinyOgg finally comes to an end”

  1. sofias. Says:

    tinogg was awesome. helped me you quite some time, thanks for that :)

    (wow, writing this bidi-way is a bit disorienting ^^)

  2. leo_rockwayrockway Says:

    I have to return the thanks: tinyogg was (still is, for about 10 more days!) a great site. Les us know if you get into a different project. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  3. ArtemZ Says:

    that is disaster for me. I using tinyogg to bypass filters of my internet provider…where to go now when I want to watch youtube videos? :-((((((((

    • Osama Khalid Says:

      I’m really sorry to know this, ArtemZ. Is Tor an option? it’s a little bit slow, but I think you’re used to that with TinyOgg. ;) You can download the Firefox 4 bundle, enable HTML5 and start watching. I’m pretty sure there are many different ways to do this. (How do people in your country usually watch YouTube?)

  4. Yo Says:

    I will miss tinyogg, even if theres now WebM
    … its a very useful site!!!


  5. Paolo Del Bene Says:

    i am not happy about this, we remain without support for youtube and we can’t anymore watch the videos… for example there is not flash for GNU linux to 32 bit there is only for 64 bit and is not possible to install it. to the same time i don’t want fash, i could have problems of security as Richard Matthew Stallman told to his own conferences. then there not any support for GNU linux gNewSense and this is a distribution 100% Free Software and is impossible to install non Free Software. http://tinyogg.com for us is the last beach , we don’t have other solution awaiting your reply best faithfully and happy hacking from Paolo Del Bene for the good job and it works fine :-( :-(

  6. Mike Linksvayer Says:

    Thank you for creating and running TinyOgg, and special thanks for keeping its URLs cool (“By July 15th, TinyOgg entries URLs will be automatically redirected to the original video page and I will run the service for at least eighteen months more.”)

  7. Paolo Del Bene Says:

    :-(Dear Osama, I am sorry to inform you that distributions such as GNU/linux gNewSense and GNU/linux Ututo are the two ones supported by Free Software Foundation. In these two one distribtions there are not restricted packages, and it is impossible to use them, because are not on any mirror, to the same time the policy of these two one distribtions, advise the people saying that if cever could happen, they will be removed immediately. the interest is to have two distributions totally 100% Fre Software, actually tha browsers that is possble to use are :Elinks, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror, Lynx, Seamonkey only these 6 ones .. Elinks and Lynx are web browser text editor, Epiphany, Galeon, Konqueror and Seamonkey use a normal web interface. try them :-) i was a developer years ago, but i prefeer to write and to be a person of culture and dedicate myself to the history of operating systems, where and how are born, and between 2006 and 2008 i wrote few documentation about the history of Free Software History and Free Software Movement. this is my first job in 2006 about History of Free Software, in Italian Language: http://paolodelbene.pbworks.com/w/page/14191634/hacking if you want you can translate if can interest you and to share with any person you want, you can distribute under GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3 about the Free Software Movement, always in italian Language if can interest you, and you want to share with any person, you can do it, and to tranlate in the language you want: http://paolodelbene.pbworks.com/w/page/14191633/FrontPage will be a more big documentation in the future, when i can’t tell, because i have much to write.happy hacking, have a good job, :-) Paolo Del Bene p.s: too this last one document you can didtribute under GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3

  8. Wayne Says:

    sorry to see tinyOGG.com ending, it has been a great help in avoiding non-free/non-FLOSS video on the web. hopefully WebM/OGG/Theora/Dirac/etc. can get enough momentum. thanks so much and good luck.

  9. Paolo Del Bene Says:

    i invite Osama to realize a little movie of one minute to put on youtube where he has to explain why people have to use tinyogg or any other indipendent/alternative, free way to watch movies until to install (the add-on so called by mozilla foundation), flash

  10. Max Shinn Says:

    Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to do, Osama! TinyOGG filled a huge hole in the free software world when it was released, and without it, I don’t quite know what those of us who advocated for free software would have done during those hard times when Flash was still the standard. When you first introduced TinyOGG as a GNU Generation project, I was thrilled to see how useful it was. I admit I never expected it to gain as much wide spread popularity as it did, though!

    Over 70,000 videos later, I can’t say I’m quite ready to see it go, but I completely respect your decision to move on to bigger and better things. It served its purpose, and there are more important issues going on in the world today. Your motivation and dedication to your causes is admirable, and I’m sure you’ll accomplish whatever you set out to change!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this service Osama. I used it quite regularly and still do so (my browser handles Ogg but not yet WebM). In fact, I’d rather not see it go but I guess it also does have a cost for you. If possible, please keep it going, if not thanks a lot for what you’ve done and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

  12. Bob Jonkman Says:

    Hi Osama: I’m very sorry to see TinyOGG go. I still use it regularly – with Javascript disabled in my browser it is still more difficult to view movies on YouTube and other sites than it is to copy&paste the URL into TinyOGG. I don’t know if it is possible to download a video from the WebM enabled sites, but TinyOGG made it easy. And finally, browsing the TinyOGG queue has introduced me to many new and interesting things I would not otherwise have discovered.

    Thank you, Osama – TinyOGG will be missed.


  13. kusut Says:

    Im sad to see tinyogg go. I still could use its audio converter service

    Best of luck

  14. Jason Benoit Says:

    Could you possibly write a script or program that would allow users to enter a Youtube url and then download and convert on one’s PC themselves? Or is that just not practical? I would be willing to do that because as many have said in the 2 FSF endorsed distros (I use Trisquel) we don’t have access to non-flash currently. Thank you for this project!

  15. Jerry Says:

    Thank you for this great service. It made watching youtube videos without flash player a lot better, waiting included. Unfortunately youtube still requires flash player for videos with advertisements. But I’m sure google will change that soon.

    Tinyogg will be missed, but the future seems bright!

  16. John Sullivan Says:

    Thanks for running this valuable service, Osama. And let’s not forget — because the server code was released under the GNU AGPL, someone else could pick up and run it themselves, if they still have the itch!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Can you post the free software?

  18. singpolyma Says:

    Wow, this is a bit unfortunate. Is it just a hosting/maintenence issue on your part, and you don’t want to keep it up? That’s reasonable. Would you be willing to hand over the domain to someone who could keep it running for those still using it? Ping me: singpolyma.net

  19. threethirty Says:

    thanks for all the hard work tinyogg was great, I really enjoyed using it.

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  21. Matthew Says:

    Thanks very much for running this service. Big fan here. Good luck with your future endeavors.

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